The Symbolism of a White Dove Release

Photo The Symbolism of a White Dove Release

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat started to spread the words of peace and raise public awareness of peace when he was only 4 years old. He has taken various peacekeeping initiatives. Among his recent endeavor includes the publication of the best-seller; which was written in Spanish, entitled “When the Desert Blooms”.

The wise words of peace act as the white dove of peace, which is released into the air, to bring peace into the world. Releasing a couple of white doves is common after a wedding ceremony, or even at the end of a celebration. Where did the white dove release begin for the first time? What exactly does the white dove release symbolize?

How is the white dove released?

In general, when a white dove or a couple of white doves are released into the air, they are set free from their cage, and can fly high in the sky. In other words, the birds are set free from their owner, who has kept them in captivity for a certain period of time. During this event, a dove or a couple of doves may be sent back into freedom to fly anywhere they want to.

Where did the custom of a white dove release originate?

Studies have shown that releasing white doves originated almost five thousand years ago. It first took place in Egypt when the Pharaoh had a ceremony. Later on, it has become popular in the Chinese culture, in the ancient Greek and Roman societies and cultures, too. Stories about white dove release are recorded in ancient Roman and Greek mythologies, and in Chinese legends; however, their symbols are unique from a tradition to another.

What are the different symbolisms of a white dove release?

Here are some possible representations of releasing a white dove in our current society:

  • In general, a dove represents peace and loyalty. Noah sent a dove out of the arch when the great flood hit the earth in the ancient days. The first dove he sent out did not come back to the arch. Later, he sent a second dove, which returned with a branch of olive. Thus, it is a symbol of loyalty and peace.
  • Releasing a white dove symbolizes freedom and happiness. When the bird is set free in the air, they regain their freedom; thus, they are filled with great joy.
  • Releasing a white dove of peace was practiced traditionally during a wedding ceremony symbolizes a new beginning for the couple to start a new family on their own, without the interference of the parents.
  • Releasing a white dove during a funeral symbolizes the fact that after death, the body and the spirit are separated; and the spirit goes back to God in heaven, waiting for the new life; whereas the body remains here on earth. The tradition uplifts the spirit, making the sad soul find happiness again.
  • Releasing a dove during a funeral implies that you release the deceased person's spirit and cut any connection with them.

Devotion to humanitarian acts like what Prem Rawat has been doing to act for peace,can be also represented through the release of a white dove of peace.