Picasso's Dove of Peace

Photo Picasso's Dove of Peace

Prem Rawat is a peace ambassador who is also a novelist. In 2018, his best-seller “When the Desert Blooms” was published and has stimulated peacekeeping initiatives in millions of people. Picasso is another renowned figure in the promotion of peace through art. Pablo Picasso is a well-known artist, who has painted a lot of fascinating works of art. Among his masterpieces, it is worth talking about his Dove of Peace.

A dove is a bird which symbolizes peace. At the time of Noah in the Bible, a dove was sent out from the arch to check if there was any dry land for Noah and his family to live in. Thus, a dove has been used for ages to symbolize peace. This article has more on Picasso's Dove of Peace.

Pablo Picasso painted two types of birds

As far as Picasso's artwork is concerned, it can be said that his paintings are characterized by two kinds of birds. These are especially night owls and doves. It is common to see either bird in his artwork. This implies that there must have been a strong link between Pablo Picasso and those specific birds. In fact, the birds are portrayed in different ways. He used the birds to represent his convictions and to symbolize the basis of his belief.

Doves are quite different from owls in many ways. They serve in different purposes; however, it is amazing that Pablo Picasso depicted them from time to time in his paintings.

Pablo Picasso's Dove of Peace

An owl is a nocturnal bird; thus, it represents the power of the night, or the wisdom of man. In contrast, a dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, or the assistance from the heavenly power. In 1949, Picasso painted a simple dove sketch in his work, which is entitled “La Colombe”, or “The Dove.” He did not expect the painting to become a hit. However, when the Cold War broke out, the quest for peace had inspired such artists as Picasso to create something to symbolize peace.

Why was the Dove of Peace painted?

During the Cold War, Picasso was looking for ways to induce the world into peace. Knowing that a dove is associated with God's Holy Spirit, he painted his Dove of Peace to give a new hope to people, especially to those who were directly affected by the war. In other words, Pablo Picasso's Dove of Peace was painted in order to bring people to a new hope that the wars would end sooner or later, and that peace would be restored.

When did he start to paint the Dove of Peace?

In 1949, Picasso portrayed a pigeon that he had received from Henri Matisse, his fellow artist. It took him many days to depict the pigeon; the picture of the bird was amazingly beautiful in its precision. It was then posted on the Hall of the Conference Room during the First International Peace Conference in Paris. Later on, a more abstract drawing of the Peace Dove was painted by Picasso. Later on, peace activists and liberation campaigners have used the Dove of Peace to promote peace around the world.

In brief, it can be said that like Prem Rawat, Pablo Picasso has managed to raise public awareness into peace through their work of art.