Match fixing claims are not just pointing at the lower ranked players.

The problem lies in players pay, Tuohy said, if a player recognizes he or she is a good player, but can never be a great one, traveling the world and playing for gamblers could easily make for a better life than attempting to be ranked in the top 10.

A few players are claiming no knowledge of match fixing in tennis. Bets are made while the match is in progress.

Gamblers can not only try to pick the final score, but they can also bet on just the set, the next game, even the next point. But how much do most fans know about wagering on tennis? Would you be willing to place a bet?

Tour players have travel expense of more than $100,000 per year and a coach can cost $50,000 a year. What might surprise some is the money in tennis betting is very impressive.

Tennis betting is much like other sports wagering, but there are differences that shed some light on the current match fixing allegations. A disturbing thought comes from Brian Tuohy, a journalist who has wrote extensively on sports gambling.

This makes for a lot of options at an incredibly fast pace.

The story of match fixing in tennis revolves around betting.

Like other sports, bets are put on the expected winner of a particular match. However, tennis offers a unique and perhaps most troubling option. The report claims there is a top 50 player who often fixes the first set in his matches.

One British betting house, Ladbrokes, is expecting to pull in $1.7 billion on tennis betting. That makes tennis the third most-popular betting sport behind thoroughbred racing and soccer..

Unfortunately the struggling journeymen players have plenty of motivation to fix matches. It also allows betting in every match even when there is a prohibitive favorite such as top ten players against someone ranked in the hundreds. As more light is shed on the shadowy world of tennis betting, denial might not be very realistic. All of this betting action as the players are playing. Tennis is an expensive sport to play.

The recent Buzzfeed/BBC report is alleging that players dont have to throw a whole match, just parts of it. The safer bet is not if there is match fixing, but how much?


Most fans are well aware of the massive amounts bet on sporting events with the recent Super Bowl being one of the top. And those bets are placed before the event starts

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