The financial losses incurred due to online gambling are far more than those in online shopping.

It focuses on building online communities of people who share common interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring those of others. Chat is an interface, which is used by an individual to communicate with other people who are online at the same time. A social networking and blogging addict will have more online friends that real-life ones and will also have many blogs on various networking sites.

Online Gambling

There are some people who are glued to the monitor without a specific reason. It is a periodical communication or an offline chat. Few do it for entertainment, passing time, presenting views and opinions, etc., but there are many who are addicted to social networking. Action-packed and violent games can lead children to violence, which may ruin their future. There are thousands of online games that can be accessed and played on the Internet, which are also loaded with high-end graphics and advanced sound. They give advice on helping to pull computer addicts’ lives back together again.


Online Pornography. It can surely make a big hole in one’s pocket. They would not be very familiar with social networking and blogging websites though. It’s not an easy task to identify which type is responsible for most addicts, as there are many different Internet activities. They have many credit cards that are allocated to each online store. In most cases, chat addicts are people with anti-social problems, they may be shy or may have other problems that stop them from meeting people in the real world. Some children and youngsters are so addicted to online gaming that they spend over 12 hours every day in playing games.

This is the most dangerous type. People use chat as a way of interacting with each other. Children who use the Internet are surely prone to online gaming. It is also known as live communication over the web. Extreme debts have been incurred by gambling addicts. The change in the types of behavior, and negative consequences from this machine are similar to those of many known addictive disorders that cause mental and physical disturbances. However, there are types which are more common among these addicts. It can have an adverse effect on a child’s attitude towards relationships. A gambling addict may gamble frequently or infrequently. This has resulted in cyberspace addiction or Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). This is where the player assumes a game character and plays against or in a team with other people from all around the world. Online shopping addicts insure no limit to their credit cards. It is a concept wherein on the Internet, a user selects a product and purchases it from retail websites after providing them with necessary information, like mailing address and credit card details. Some lose everything, like their bank balance, house, car, and many other possessions. Just a click of a mouse can take away a lot of money from the credit card and rack up enormous debts.

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It is similar to chat wherein the user sends an electronic message to the receiver, and the receiver responds back to the sender after checking his inbox. They subscribe to dozens of shopping catalogs, tune in to television shopping channels to get the latest deals and offers during work, and select ‘yes’ or ‘allow’ for everything on the online shopping site. There are many websites that offer chat facilities under a free membership.

Nowadays, people have started developing some bad habits regarding using computers, which have led to significant problems in their lives. Problems that are caused by online gambling are not just financial, but also can have a bad effect on personal life as well. The different types of computer addiction are briefly summarized in the article below.

Online Games

One should keep in mind that Internet porn may or may not be legal in every country. They spend most of the time in the day surfing and browsing, watching online or offline videos, listening to music, playing games, etc.


Social Networking and Blogging

No one knows in the future, which technology would attract more people to become such addicts. There are some websites that offer gambling games online, which attract gambling addicts to play and lose all their money. Their motives can be different like chatting with an online friend or one whom they personally know, corporate-conference chatting, and even chatting in chat rooms with unknown people. Online gaming is a type of addiction that is found mostly in children, but today, the wide variety in games attract teenagers and youngsters. People who are addicted to online pornography spend hours watching or downloading porn.

These have become a craze among many people, especially children. There is not much chance to get addicted to emails, but checking the emails suddenly during the night or at frequent regular intervals is a sign of getting addicted.


Online Shopping

This is an exciting application, if used within limits. Individuals who are addicted to this type are mostly teenagers and youngsters. Social networking websites are being used frequently by millions of people worldwide. However, there are various organizations that specifically deal with computer addiction and have helped many thousands of people get rid of it. Children love games, which is why they are vulnerable to excessive gaming. An online game is a multi-player game wherein many players can join in to play the same game, which is an exciting and enjoyable activity for many

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