Now take a look at your cards, carefully and remember them. Don’t worry these are just names gives to five cards that will be dealt face up on the table by the dealer.

Two cards of same value (two cards of 3s, two cards of Qs, etc)

Also notice that the above picture shows the Poker hands in order of their power to trump another pair from top to bottom. There is absolutely no way of knowing what the other five cards the dealer will deal on to the table. That’s unprofessional and other players may get a sneak peek at your cards. The hand combinations goes in that order.

Obviously it is always better to see two of the same cards in your hand than on the table, because other players don’t know you have two of the same card and you only need one more of the same card to make a powerful ‘Three of a Kind’. Eg: The Royal Flush is the bestest hand you can get in Poker and trumps any other hand anyone else has.

Even if you don’t get the same card in the five cards, there are still possible chances of winning. Likewise a Straight Flush cannot beat the Royal Flush but can beat a Four of a Kind. The chances of you winning such a hand is almost 100%, but not quite. And the five cards has a Queen of Clubs and a Queen of Hearts.

First of all get some chips and divide them in some order among your friends. In this case you do have a ‘Two Pair’, which is also a pretty good hand. So you will have to make a decision based on your instincts. The moment you see the two cards your mind should be creating mental images as to what the two cards can possibly form or help form any of the Poker hands shown in the picture. Say the five cards contain two of the same card as you’re holding-that is a ‘Four of a Kind’, one of the most powerful hands in Poker. Even if you bet everything you have, your chances of losing are none to minimum. This is including the two cards you are dealt in the beginning and the three cards that will be unfolded later, known as the Flop and another card named the ‘turn’ and a final card named the ‘river’. But somehow for your dumb-luck if another player has a Queen of Spade or Queen of Diamond, you are doomed!!!

So now that you know what are the possible Poker hands you can get, we can get into the betting part.

Now you may have any two cards from the deck of 52 cards. Bet even bigger.

. You don’t want to be lifting up your cards every now and then to check your cards. (Ex: You have two cards-a 5 of Spades and a 5 of Diamond. You have two cards of the same value, and lets say that the five cards contain two cards of the same value, but not quite the same value as ours. Then get the dealer to deal two cards per player. Say in the five cards that come later contain another of the same cards as yours-then you have a ‘Three of a Kind’. Bet big on that. Let me ease up the decision making process…

Notice that there are five cards in each of the Poker hands mentioned above

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