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Legality of Online Gaming

Las Vegas – The Casino City

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There was a time not very long ago, when gaming for money was considered to be a legal crime and was a punishable act under the provisions of the law.

With online gambling, Facebook has become one of the first internet sites to introduce gambling on the internet. There is no doubt that people spend billions of dollars in gambling earning millions of dollars in prize money. Facebook has become one of the premier sites on the internet wooing internet surfers to visit their site.

Social Networking => Online Gambling

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With almost all the games coming in free on the Facebook including lottery on Facebook, the market value of the Facebookhas enhanced significantly as more and more visitors visit the website and indulge in playing online gambling. Lottery on Facebook has become one of the most favorite and popular online games through which people earn cash every day. Instant win games and scratch cards are manna from heaven for online gamers.

Join to play Instant win games and win exclusive prizes every day. One of the favorite games that are available in the casinos is the Roulette, Black Jack and the Slot Machines. The frequency of the traffic on Facebook has been tremendous in terms of money flowing through incessantly. . Millions of people from the world over flock into the city including tourists to have a ball of a time playing in casinos day in and day out without any break. Not only instant games but also you can enjoy scratch cards, lottery on Facebook and slot games here which fill your mind with pleasure and relieve your stress.

With the lottery on Facebook and instant win games, it has become one of the most popular and happening websites on the internet. It is still considered to be illegal and punitive measures are taken against the defaulter who indulges in gambling in some countries. There is a vast assortment of games on Facebook that include Instant win games and scratch games which rake in money online. The internet surfer has only to register himself online and with a password can easily access any of the thousands of online games that are available on Facebook.


Las Vegas, a city on the west coast of the United States is a perfect embodiment of legalized gambling with countless casinos set up throughout the city which have become a haven for gamblers from all over the world. Facebook has not only become a favorite website as a social networking site, but has enjoyed an enviable status amongst other websites as a site for interacting with friends and relatives spread across the whole world. However, with a majority of the population playing for sheer fun and pleasure, United States has become a frontrunner in legalizing gambling even for money. The legalization of gambling would enhance income of the Federal Government through taxes when the online gambling is legalized. Besides Lottery on Facebook, there are instant win games as well as scratch cards that earn cash without paying even a cent

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