So it would be fair to say that shooting methods are breakpoint dependent. 2 different breakpoints, 2 different shooting methods. Target speed and the target line will be constantly changing as the the bird gets further & further from the trap machine. This brings us to the next point here.

Imagine a target crossing from your 9 O’clock to your 3 O’clock. Which one is best? That depends on many, many different factors. As it turns out, both shooters opt to break bird 1 in that exact spot, thus setting up their 2nd shot. Based on that information – what the target is really doing right there – now choose the shooting method that will get us the X – consistently.

November 2010 Sporting Clays Tip

Sporting Clays GlassesOnce we decide to get serious about building a complete shooting game, we quickly begin to learn just how many different ways there are to present targets.

The breakpoint we choose will also have a lot to do with the shooting method we pick. This slower, possibly curling or sliding target would suggest another shooting method altogether. Shooting style is one example, an important consideration when choosing a breakpoint that favors that style. And the line will probably be changing too as gravity takes over. These are the skills needed to navigate a challenging course successfully.

The full article is located at Taken very early, the target will be faster as it just came off the trap. Whichever breakpoint we pick, watch very closely what that target is doing as it comes into that breakpoint. The shooting method we choose will have to handle that speed reliably and consistently. And we’d be right.

Learning various shooting methods will, of course, be very important. And it will be just as important to precisely match the correct method to each target in each breakpoint – 100 times – all the way around the match course. A fast shooter might pick an earlier breakpoint – a more methodical shooter would likely shoot this same target a bit later.

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On the other hand, one particular breakpoint might put the muzzle into an advantageous position for starting the swing on the 2nd shot. Once a target leaves the machine, there are usually multiple breakpoints available to us. That same bird down the flight line further will likely be going slower

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