In fact, as impressive as American Pharoah’s Triple Crown victory was, it pales in comparison to when his great-great-great grandfather did it in 1973.

American Pharoah won the Belmont Stakes by five and a half lengths (the sixth fastest time ever), but Secretariat won it by 31 lengths (the fastest time ever). When you watch the two races side by side, it’s clear Secretariat would have left his descendent in the dust on this last leg of the Triple Crown.

And when you tally up the times of their respective three Triple Crown races — Secretariat (1:59, 1:53, 2:24), American Pharoah (2:03, 1:58, 2:26) — Secretariat’s total margin over American Pharoah is over 11 seconds. In horse racing, that’s an enormous difference.

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