Make sure the computer with the webcam in your home is in a centralized location. Tell your children about Chat Roulette and explain why you don’t like it. But there’s no Chat Roulette police enforcing policy.

Here’s what happens. Some “chatters” will make love in front of their webcam or display shocking images of death.

For those of you out there clueless about this newest Internet craze, Chat Roulette was started by a 17-year-old Moscow, Russian student. The site pairs you with a random video chat partner.

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Chat Roulette is so cool. There were some weirdoes there too, but I had fun. Ask them for their thoughts on the subject and why a site like that is not appropriate for children and many adults, too.

LA Teacher

 . One “chatter” held up a sign saying, “Assroll,” then rolled over backwards, naked. You don’t want your kids there.

Good luck,

Chatty Kid


Dear LA Teacher,

Yes, Chat Roulette gives viewers the opportunity to make friends throughout the world, but it’s more like California during the Gold Rush–wild. Yes, the site says you have to be 16-years-old and Chat Roulette doesn’t tolerate obscenity, pornography, or offensive behavior. What do you think of that new Internet sensation?

Dear Chatty Kid,

Chat Roulette is a predator’s paradise. Kids can be exposed to jerks wearing grotesque masks dancing around nude. It’s not the kind of site you want your kids to visit. I went on yesterday and met a lot of neat kids from all over the world. You can click “next” anytime you want or stay as long as you like, unless your partner leaves first.

Here’s what you can do

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