The most important of the three ‘laws’ is this…. To this end, any product that claims to analyze patterns in actual lottery results or help you predict the winning numbers of your favorite lottery is a scam. End of story. Grasp this concept, and you are well on your way to lotto success.

Mark Collard

The answer is simple. It is not possible to consistently and reliably predict a random event.

Consequently, do not concern yourself with coupon patterns, hot numbers, frequency statistics or other implausible good luck charms.

So, what IS the most effective way to pick your winning numbers?

But seriously, should you change your numbers, or stick with the same numbers all the time (in case they are drawn)? It’s a good question, and one that vexes more lotto players than they care to admit.

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Your choice of selections has absolutely no bearing on the numbers which will be drawn this week, or any week for that matter. Full stop.

Lotto is a game of chance based on a random selection of numbers. If you just heard yourself say “No theyre not,” dont bother reading on youre fooling yourself, and I dont want to waste your time any further.

If you want to know, I always choose my numbers randomly (it’s a function of the winlottosystems wheeling software I use) because it’s easy, and I don’t have to think. Just never bet your house on them.

When you consider the potential multi-million dollar fortunes on offer, picking your lotto numbers can seem like a complicated and stressful affair. How To Win Lotto: The Most Effective Way To Pick Your Winning Numbers

By all means, go ahead and have fun using these products to choose your weekly numbers. Anyway you choose.

Lottery Numbers Are Totally Random

Never Change Your Numbers?

You only have to scan the daily tabloids or internet search engine listings to know that everyone and their dog possesses some unique method of busting the odds or predicting the winning numbers of any lottery in the world.

I am yet to see any computer system or software package that can reliably and consistently predict the winning numbers of any lottery in the world. To suggest otherwise is to appear gullible and stupid. A random selection of numbers can not, by definition, form a pattern. It just cant be done, nor will it ever be possible. Nothing could be more rewarding than cashing in a one- or two-dollar lottery ticket for a million-dollar jackpot.

This advice is dispensed about as frequently as a new system for picking this week’s lucky numbers is announced.

In spite of the enormous odds, and regardless of the type of prize you are seeking to win, you can always depend on three universal principles* or laws every time you play lotto anywhere, anytime. Although interesting, these systems have absolutely no bearing on your ability to predict the winning numbers, nor your chances of winning a prize

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