To count your cards, you need the total of Read more […]

Baccarat History

By admin on November 26, 2013

Baccarat’s history dates back to over 2,600 years ago where it began in the Italian peninsula. In Baccarat, the winner is the one who holds cards totaling nine or a number close to nine. Over that period, Baccarat has undergone many transformations, but the basic principles remain the same. Five or less meant she had to drown herself. Six or seven meant she would live and was never subjected to that Read more […]

. Baccarat means “zero” and that is something that you definitely don’t want to get in the game. It’s only for the short run What the Martingale system allows you to do is to win a lot of small bets, the problem Read more […]

Third Card Rules in Baccarat

By admin on September 23, 2013

Baccarat is a card game that anyone can play. The simplicity of the game might be the main reason that this time honored game has survived for over 800 years. To appease the gods, the Etruscans had to sacrifice a virgin, but not just any virgin, a blond virgin. They would throw a nine sided dice to decide whether the chosen virgin would live or die. The ancient Roman Etruscans worshipped the nine gods, which they kept in the Temple of Golden Hair.

Martingale Betting System Busted

By admin on October 14, 2013

Why the Martingale Baccarat Betting System Is No Good For The Long Run Are you a Baccarat enthusiast, and are looking for a Baccarat system that can help you beat the game? You may have heard of the Martingale system, there are people that claim to have made some decent amount of money with it, however if you are looking for a long term system then the Martingale one isn’t for you

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