It’s as if cricket flows in everyone’s blood, which is probably the reason behind the slogan ‘Bleed Blue!’ Take a look at the reasons below, to know why Indians love cricket so much, and why it is their religion.

India is known for its diversity, with a number of religions and communities thriving around the country. You can very well say that, it is like football (soccer) in Brazil or Spain.

The craze is such that, people watch a game right from the opening ceremony and pitch report till the presentation ceremony is over at the end. Although hockey is the national game of India, cricket has overshadowed every other sport. They watch every single bit of it, even the advertisements, so that they don’t miss a wicket, a six, or a four. On match day, hopes and expectations of billions of people lie on the shoulders of 11 players of the team.. For Indian people, cricket is not just a game, but a religion. If you want to witness true spirit, extreme madness, craziness, support, and patriotism all at once, then India is the place to be during a cricket match. Since the introduction of the India Premier League (IPL), which is more than just a cricket league, it has been termed as the festival of India (India ka Tyohaar!)

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