There are many categories of these ‘rooms’, which users can join to meet like-minded people. The user can also upload his/her own live video and see the number of views it receives. One of the good things about Camzap is that it has a large membership, giving members more scope to connect with different kinds of people. The site also has a video chat option for people using webcams. Users should surf properly to decide the kind of people they would prefer to connect with. In the first option, the user is randomly paired up with another user for a chat. As long as you are careful about not divulging any personal information and can detect the weirdos from the normal people, this is a great site to connect with someone random and have fun.


Tinychat is another popular substitute for Chatroulette because of its high membership and awesome features. It is called Chat ‘roulette’ because it is like playing a game of roulette with other users. ChatRad is a social networking kind of site that has a very strict policy against obscenity. Whatever the reason, it has sure made these sites a hit among the tech-savvy masses. It is not very difficult to use, and it gives a new visitor a random display of some of the users’ photos. You can connect with people either through a video chat, instant messaging (IM), or voice (audio) chat. The site allows a user to chat with as many as 12 people via webcam or numerous voice chats, simultaneously. For example, instead of random chats, this site has ‘rooms’. Added to that, the site is also available in many languages that include English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, etc. The best part of it all is that the site allows a person to view the different members before signing up, to let them get an idea of whether or not they want to join.


The Young Creator

The founder of Chatroulette is an 18-year-old boy named Andrey Ternovskiy. Some join for the sake of meeting new people and making friends, some sign up for increasing their network by interacting with people from different parts of the world, then there are some who are looking for ‘no strings attached’ relationships, and finally, there are those who are simply bored and want to pass their time whilst having fun talking to some completely random stranger. A person can use it as a guest without signing up, but then the available features become severely limited.

The only thing to remember is to be careful while using these sites. Again, it is “adult only” and does not prohibit explicit content. You can be paired up with anyone; there is no saying who you may end up chatting with. This gives a person an idea of the kind of people that use the site. Never give your personal information to anyone and never do something that will be sure to get you into any kind of trouble. The following are some websites like Chatroulette that are great alternatives for the same.


Flipchat is another free popular chatting site. So users need not worry about encountering any vulgar photos or content, as these profiles are immediately blocked by the site. It is good for people who just want to make new friends.

Another site that is quite similar to Chatroulette, Chatrandom helps people connect with others in many ways. Chatroulette is one such webcam chatting website. Keep these things in mind and have an enjoyable time meeting new people!


The world of online chatting has gone to a whole new level, with hundreds of different websites popping up all over. These features are very similar to Chatroulette. If you do not get a good vibe from that person, then there is nothing wrong in ending the chat. The site pairs up two people to chat, and the only chat handles available are ‘You’ and ‘Stranger’. Tinychat

This is a very good site for those who want to find love or just make some friends. This is a site that is fun and gives the user more chatting freedom as compared to Omegle, plus there are no advertisements on the main page.

This site is like Chatroulette with additional features. It is an 18+ website, which does not have a policy against explicit content, so user discretion is advised.

This is another popular alternative to using Chatroulette. There is not only video chat, but also text chatting and personal messaging. There is also a great variety on the chatting front these days, with options like webcam (video) and live chatting, instant messaging, and voice or audio chatting available. The second allows the user to view live videos of other people and then select who they want to chat with. The only difference is that a member gets the privilege of more features than a guest. The user can log into their Funyo account either through the site’s homepage, or via their own Facebook account. It lets users choose who they want to talk to, or if they want to interact with multiple people at the same time.

Along with chatting, this website is similar to Facebook in a way that the users have their own profiles, and they can befriend and text other users. The best part about it is that you can join for free. This makes it easier for non-English speaking people to use it. The viewer can view all the webcam windows of people who are online at the moment, and choose who they want to talk to. Sounds good overall, doesn’t it?

Roulette Chat

Launched in 2009, Omegle allows users to connect with complete strangers from anywhere across the globe. There is also an option to surf as a guest instead of signing up. There is a large section of the population that frequents and joins these sites for various reasons. It has a large membership; hence, there are many people to talk to.

ChatRad. Learn to judge the other person you are chatting with. Once you sign up, you can meet many different people from the world over via your webcam. It has a considerable membership. He is a high school dropout from Moscow, who created the site “just for fun!”



Streamberry is a free webcam chat site that offers the user either a roulette-style chatting option, or an option of ‘live webcams’. It has a coordinated layout, making it easier for users to surf. You just have to press the ‘Talk’ button, and you are automatically connected

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